Selected Logos


Selected logos

Below are several brand identity assignments, some with links to pages containing more detail about the work.


Impossible Foods is creating meat from plants. The idea is the taste that people love, which has always come from animal sources, can be enjoyed without negative health and environmental impacts.  /  SEE MORE >


 iMeet is an online meeting room. Agency: MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER  /  SEE MORE >


Intrepid is a hybrid creative agency that combines art and science. What makes the agency unique is their ability to blend creative capabilities with an in-house sound stage and editing studio. SEE MORE >


Brand New Ways is a blog and podcast hosted by Jennifer Leonard, a journalist,
author and design lead at IDEO, the global innovation consultancy. 


Shanghai Sales is a sweater manufacturer. The logo is based on a traditional, looping knit pattern.

Logos BDD2.jpg
Logos BDD3.jpg

The Buck is an institute conducting research on aging. This proposed logo is inspired by cell mitosis.

Matejczyk Hoffherr 2017.jpg

Ad agency, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER was founded by two male industry veterans.


Sony Playstation campaign identity for Greatness Awaits. Agency: BBH, NY.  /  SEE MORE >


Network Be is an entertainment website for women that offers original content. The symbol comes from a brand attribute that encourages subscribers to share stories and start conversations with other participants.  /  SEE MORE >


Mascot is a dog accessories company inspired by the owner's Boston Terrier, Max.  /  SEE MORE >

Not really a logo, but lettering for a book commemorating a Salesforce employee.

Logos BDD Network Be black4.jpg

Harness is automating the process of testing and deploying code. The company's products use machine learning to protect you when deployments fail.


Logos BDD13.jpg

Mia Filino is a salumeria combining traditional house-made salami with modern California culture.

Hero Production is owned by Heather Hero and produces photoshoots for brands such as Banana Republic, Levi's, Gap, and Dockers. SEE MORE >

Logos BDD Ortho.jpg

Identity redesign for an orthodontist.

Logos BDD35.jpg

Shorn is a sweater brand known for its unique, soft wool.

Logos BDD15.jpg
coffee cup 02logo darker.jpg

Mulberry's is a specialty food market on the site of a former silk farm. The only food silk worms eat are mulberry leaves. 

Edeniq (pronounced ee-DEN-ik) is creating sustainable fuels using mechanical and biological processes to break down plant materials into sugars.  /  SEE MORE >