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Book design for Los Angeles-based Koning Eizenberg Architecture. In addition to project imagery, the book conveys social and environmental issues important to the firm. The overall feel of the monograph is informal and aligns with the firm's approach to building, which often uses common materials in a novel way. Instead of a single book, the firm's work is divided in three chapters, each with its own section: “Homes for All” discusses residences, “Signs of Life” is about apartments and the benefits of density and “Faith in Community” covers civic projects such as temples, schools and community centers.


At the beginning of each section, an essay by a guest expert and 4 infographics help illustrate the theme for the chapter. The example above is about lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles. Both the charts and subject matter are unexpected for an architecture book, but necessary to communicate inequality in large cities and that architecture shouldn't be just for the wealthy.


Above, a diagram shows the approval process before Koning Eizenberg buildings can start construction.

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Kite Hill