Koning Eizenberg Architecture  /  To reflect the informal architecture that this Los Angeles firm explores through intelligent use of inexpensive materials and a desire to make design accessible to all, this monograph is comprised of 3 booklets in a corrugated box. The images shown are of the approved concept. Work is starting on the production of the package and booklets.


Kite Hill Foods  /  Packaging for three flavors of Kite Hill almond milk cheese.


Mascot Dog Toys  /  Characters designed for Mascot, a dog accessories company. 


8th Continent Soy Milk  /  8th Continent is a family-owned dairy in California that sources its beans domestically and makes it's milk in small batches. The sun icons identify flavors and serve as a reminder that soymilk is a healthy, plant-based drink. Agency: BBDO; Illustrations: Ben Javens


Nature's Recipe  / To convey the health benefits of this line of pet food, the concept's visuals are made of only the ingredients. Agency: FCB


Wee-go  /  Package design for Wee-Go glass baby bottles. The "starter pack" contains a set of four BPA-free bottles to be sold at the MOMA bookstore.


Banana Republic  /  These games, for Banana Republic's holiday season, were designed to be fun and addicting — a gift guaranteed to waste what would otherwise be productive time.