VISA   /   This photographic treatment was designed for VISA's 2017 NFL superbowl sponsorship. Agency: BBDO, New York


Celebrity Cruises   /   Ads focusing on single features that make this cruise experience unique in the category. Agency: Venables Bell & Partners


Kennington  /  The relaunch of Kennington, a men's apparel brand founded in Los Angeles in 1957. The company is known for its eclectic mix of surf, western, floral and patterned shirts. The original Kennington logo, cherished by the founding family, as well as early customers, was gently reworked and given a flexible color palette to fit with the way it is used today. The project was a collaboration with Mark Frankel of Sardine.


Massage Envy  /  Ads featuring reasons we need a massage or skincare treatment. Agency: Venables Bell & Partners


Hyundai  /  Recently Hyundai cars have been getting good reviews, yet buyers are unaware of the improvements. Our job was to let them know. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.


Ford  /  A brand exploration that amplifies the fact that Ford is part of more American lives than any other car company. Agency: Partners in Crime / GTB.


Basic Training  /  Site specific ads based on peoples' fitness results. Fun to write these. Basic Training offers group workouts using beaches, parks and trails.


PS4 / Campaign identity for Sony Playstation 4. Agency: BBH, NY.


Kayak  /  Visual treatments for a Kayak campaign. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY.


San Francisco Asian Art Museum  /  Identity and advertising design for Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance. 


Intel  /  Illustrations and campaign identity for Intel "Look Inside." Agency: Venables Bell, SF.


Tillamook  /  Ad for new shredded cheese product.